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Canna Bliss Designs


Cannabis Coaching

As a Certified Cannabis Wellness Coach we help people with chronic pain, anxiety, stress and depression, patients wanting an natural alternative to pharmaceutical medication and many other symptoms, Our program assists clients to understand how to effectively use Cannabis to relieve their ailments and take back control of their lives. This allows them to live their best lives. Each Client will have unique goals and with planning and understanding of the program and your choices you can take back your life and health

A cannabis coach helps navigate through all of your questions.

They fill in the gap as to-I want to use Cannabis, now what?


CBD for Pets

CBD oil provides your pet with a calming feeling and pain-relieving sensations without harming them with potential intoxicating effects. CBD has been effective in dogs who have seizures.

We will work with you and your pet to determine if there is suitable option

Cannabis Edibles & Cooking with Cannabis

Growing Your Own Cannabis

Did you know each Canadian house can grow 4 Cannabis plants legally. If you have a medical prescription, Health Canada will provide you with the total number of plants you can grow. By learning to grow your own you will save a great deal of money overtime and also know exactly where your cannabis was grown. In your very own back yard.

Our program will assist you through the complete process of growing your own cannabis. Navigate the right strain of feminized cannabis seeds, germination to flower, harvest and storage.


The "average" medical Cannabis prescription is 5 grams per day. 1825 grams a year, just over 4 lbs. (4.023 lb) now lets we buy from medical providers you are going to pay on average 7 to 30 dollars a gram so we will be on the conservative side and use the average of $7.00 a gram. Are you sitting down ... that means it would cost $12, 775.00 YIKES ...

Now lets look at growing a summer garden of 4 plants. We will also use the house hold average for the amount of plants. Its an extra bonus if you are licensed to grow more. Seed usually come 5 in a pack with an average price of 75.00 depending on the strain, We only need 4 so you will have 1 extra. With the right plan and care you could easily get 1 lb per plant or very close in a season. (Yields will be smaller for indoor plants). We need to add on the average cost 125.00 for supplies and maintenance along with the proper love. and now you have spent 200.00 to produce almost the same about of cannabis. That is a savings of $12,575.00 a year. Now what could you do with that savings!  

Contact us today about our Canna Bliss Grow program.